Surviving Regret - Megan Smith Page 0,1

know you can do it.”

Oh, I could do it alright. I bent my knees and stuck my ass out knowing I was giving Landon a show as I glanced over my shoulder. Landon was standing there with his mouth open; I winked and faced Mr. McCoy. Needless to say, I hit a double on the first try.

Landon was quiet the rest of the game but he watched my every move with dark, hooded eyes. I knew I was in trouble. When Mr. McCoy called the game and everyone headed for the locker room, Landon had other plans for us. He grabbed hold of my arm and dashed behind the dugout.

“Landon,” I said. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you that two can play your little game, Macy.” Then he slammed his mouth against mine and the rest of the world quickly faded away. We were twenty minutes late for our next class and earned a detention because we didn’t have passes.

Since Landon has a big game tomorrow I didn’t want to distract him anymore than necessary so I moved my hand away and placed it on my own lap. He groans softly but does nothing because he knows he doesn’t need the distraction as well.

Mrs. Bishop turns to look at the clock just as the bell rings. Everyone jumps up quickly as she yells about studying over the weekend for the test on Monday. It is useless really considering no one is paying attention in class. Besides, who the hell assigns homework over the championship football game weekend? She better plan on curving the grades for the majority of the class if she’s actually expecting any of us to crack a book this weekend.

Landon grabs my book bag, his jersey riding up slightly exposing his back, and then reaches for my hand. We walk out of the classroom just as our friends Steven, Alexa, Madison, and Cash walk out of theirs. Landon turns in my direction to lean down and place a kiss on my lips. I’m not one for PDA most of the time, but when he touches me it’s like he casts a spell over my entire being and nothing else matters.

He leans his forehead against mine, “I’ll see you in a little bit, babe.”

“Okay,” I whisper leaning forward to kiss him again. His body inclines against mine with each passing second. It’s just the two of us in our own little world.

I barely register someone clearing their throat until Landon smiles against my lips. He places one more kiss on my lips before pulling back.

Leaning against the wall with my shoulder, cheeks flushed, I slowly die of humiliation at having been watched. I feel my twin sister, Madison, and my best friend, Alexa’s, eyes on me but I don’t look at them. I can’t. Instead I glance over at Landon who is doing his guy handshake with Cash, my sister’s boyfriend, and Steven, Alexa’s boyfriend.

“You ready?” Cash asks Landon, watching Madison walk toward him.

“Oh, yeah,” Landon reaches out to lightly punch his shoulder, “you?”


“No one cares about me?” Steven fakes looking hurt that no one asks him if he’s ready.

Landon and Cash start laughing, “We don’t need to know if you’re ready, you always are.” Landon answers.

The guys laugh as Cash pushes Steven down the hall, “Let’s go before coach bitches about us being late again.”

Yeah, they’re always late but this school would wait forever for these guys who play with their hearts and souls out there on the field.

The three of them make their way down the hall to the locker room. I catch up with my sister and Alexa who are watching them walk away.

Alexa sighs watching Steven retreating. “How’d we get so lucky?”

I huff, “I was just thinking the same thing a few minutes ago.”

“Don’t you girls mean how did they get so lucky?” Madison pipes up.

Alexa shakes her head and reaches for the lock on her locker beside me. She opens it and tosses her books inside. Stacey, one of the cheerleaders, is coming down the hallway heading for the gym. She’s one of those girls who think just because she’s a cheerleader she owns the school. Little does she know, she doesn’t, and mostly everyone here at Canby High hates her. Stacey is always walking the halls with her nose stuck up in the air, something none of us can stand.

Madison stands up straighter when she notices and squares her shoulders. Alexa looks over at us then turns her head in the other direction